Help! It’s Calculus!

Limits? Functions? Derivatives? Integrals? Infinite series? Is it all coming back to you? You are definitely right. It’s Calculus – my most hated Math subject in College. And during that time, internet is still foreign to me. I am not sure if there is available Calculus help online that time. I remember though that the subject was SO difficult for me because the professor is SO ineffective. But if I was already computer literate that time, I could have gotten free Calculus help and taught that professor how to effectively teach the subject.

It is important though that one must seek a Calculus tutor for his Precalculus help on relations and functions, systems of equations and inequalities, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, polar coordinates and complex numbers, conic sections, and sequences and series.

Precalculus and Calculus subjects are available only in some private high schools in the Philippines. During my time, it was only in College that I had it and as I mentioned, I did not enjoy it as much as others enjoyed the subject. Today, the internet even offers Calculus help, Precalculus help and even Statistics help free. You just have to pick the best tutor there is.


2 thoughts on “Help! It’s Calculus!

  1. ha ha hi, bertN. the subject can really give one a headache. but if one will just give time to understand the subject, it can be learned.

    glad to hear your thoughts. 😀


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