Are you a member of a car assistance club?

Car is in the workshop for tinsmith work and repainting. It’s not really a big deal not to have a vehicle ready in the morning to bring you to work. I have been commuting almost more than half my life. What was unbearable once was my experience when the car stopped along Quezon Avenue because it ran out of gasoline! I wrote a post about it before in my hosted site and I cannot find it anymore. Thanks to that Kenneth who left the clients without a notice that he will suddenly disappear together with the hosting services and all the contents of my web site. But I digress.

Another unbearable experience would be with the abusive MMDA personnel that could charge you with anything when they find your car parked in a restricted area and tow it without properly informing you where your car was junked. It helps to be a member of a car club which services are similar to those of the motorhome towing clubs in the US though not exactly.

One time, the car broke along EDSA, Papsie called the car assistance club to which he is a member of. It did not take long for the towing vehicle to come. The mechanic came down immediately and checked what was wrong with the car and brought it to the shop when he cannot complete the job immediately while on the street. With the MMDA personnel, before you are given assistance, you will be charged first and you will be forced to deal against your will.


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