Mesothelioma – a cancer: Part 2

I have already written a post about mesothelioma here. It discussed mostly about asbestos as the cause.

Mesothelioma is a cancer of the mesothelium. Mesothelium is the lining found in most internal organs which has two layers. It helps the heart and lungs to move without damaging each other. Those afflicted with mesothelioma had difficulty breathing with fluid build up and repeated urges to cough. Other side effects, which are common in other cancers, too, are:

  • exhaustion
  • lack of motivation
  • minimal intake of food
  • extreme weight loss
  • pain in the chest area
What scared me about this type of cancer is the pain. No matter how high the pain threshold of an individual is, it will probably persist and overwhelm one’s demeanor. The worst thing is one gets to know that he has it when the cancer is at an advanced stage leaving you only a year or less to live.

The only way to probably prevent or slow down or treat is to have the condition be diagnosed. But how is one to know when the symptoms are apparent only when the cancer is ‘ripe’?

I did not post this to scare. It always pays to learn.

Reference: Georgia Mesothelioma Side Effects


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