Thinking of Getting a Car Insurance after typhoon Ondoy

Nature’s (or was it heaven’s?) wrath left most of Luzon areas covered with mud and dirty waters submerging and ruining everything from the most insignificant to the most valuable. The affected areas where rendered ‘lifeless’ save for the people who, despite the tragedy, are trying to give meaning to life. And the most valuable actually is that there are living survivors still; and not leaving no one to share the agony.

In this post, I said a piece of not wanting any insurance any agent will offer. But the situation the tragedy left had me pondering what BW mentioned that insurances have purposes, also a protection when something happens. I suddenly thought of free insurance quotes that are always available in the net to browse through.

I learned that an office mate’s house was greatly devastated. The waters from a creek beside the house left nothing dry and functioning. All four cars, pieces of plush furniture and accessories, and ace appliances were submerged in ceiling high flood waters. All other valuables were either missing, broken, or drenched. And there is another story from another fellow employee, and another, and another. Truly terrifying but an eye-opener.

In the midst of such tragedies, like the tragedy typhoon Ondoy gave, each and every one is equal or even – no rich, no poor; no intelligent, no stupid; no beautiful, no ugly – just like how it is fair in love and war. Mother-in-law is definitely wrong saying things about the dead people, “Mayaman naman siya nang mamatay.” As if that matters when one dies.

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