Would You Want to be an Insurance Agent?

Frankly, I do not know if a lot are still interested in insurances in this dire times of gloomy economic conditions everywhere. I just have this hunch that maybe if given the chance, most people will look for jobs not with the nature that of insurance agents who look for increased sales via life insurance leads, for example.

I was never a believer of insurances, and I guess until now, I am not. I feel uneasy thinking that my money will be used by others while I wait for it to mature. I feel uneasy that something might happen to the insurance company and I cannot get anything anymore from my own money. I had this kind of thinking ever since, long before the brouhaha about those insurance companies erupted.

This is not a justification to my incompetence to sustain the monthly, or quarterly, or yearly amortizations. I am not just comfortable with the idea. And because of this, I will never, for the life of me, be an insurance agent. Never. And please do not misconstrue it that I mean ill against the job.


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