Height is an Advantage

I was not favored with tallness like that of the beauty queens and the supermodels. When I was young, in my elementary grades, I remember, I used to envy my ‘big’ classmates, and used to wonder why I was small. I was not only small, I am skinny. And even if the hgh growth hormone was already in the market that time, I doubt if my parents would have the option of buying those supplements for me, and for my siblings. Provision for the basic needs were the family’s priority.
Why is height an advantage? Personally, for me, it’s a plus when one has height. People easily recognize a tall person from a crowd or from a group. Attention is directed at once to a statuesque individual. Especially when one is smart and good looking, height is an extra.

Aside from being a candidate for sports activities and challenges that require height, tall individuals can get things done with ease especially when reaching for or putting objects on higher places. I always think of this when I have to hang clothes, after washing, on the clothesline. Being short (5’2″), this is truly difficult. I am just so thankful that I have an improvised rod with a hook to hang the clothes on higher clotheslines. 😀

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