Photohunt: Orange

This dark orange colored spaghetti is one of Daryl’s fave that is why yesterday, September 4, his birthday, I cooked it for him.

Daryl, as I wrote in my previous post, is already 17 years old. How time flies! It was like only yesterday when he was just a lad who graduated from high school. Now he is in his second year in college.

We had also had these food on the table to devour he he:

This is one of Daryl’s guilty pleasure – eating. He would not succumb to other vices like smoking (even if they are Davidoff cigars) and drinking. He could be happy without those.

I have a good son to be proud of? Ah, yes, I have. That is why I am grateful, truly grateful for him.

It’s a late Photohunt entry again. You can still join on a Sunday if you like. They will understand. 😀


7 thoughts on “Photohunt: Orange

  1. hi, mrs mecomber. thank you for paying a visit. 🙂

    thank you, bonggamom! i didn't find time to make the meatballs. but it has ground beef, mushroom and red bell pepper in it. 🙂


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