A Sony Vaio for Daryl

Tomorrow is Daryl’s birthday. If I have enough, I could have bought a Sony Vaio for Daryl. Knowing my son, and how considerate he is, he will not agree to the idea. But still, I want to give it to him.

I hate to see him wait for an opportunity to use the only laptop in the house. Well, at least he has still a desktop computer to use whenever his sister is using the laptop.

I write this letter to him:

Dear son,

I know you know that I love you very much. It saddens me to think that your first wish in your wish list was not granted. I hope you understand that it is beyond my control, or beyond Papsie and I’s control. Well, knowing you, understanding is not a hard thing to do. You are born with it.

I am happy that you are my son, that God gave me a son like you. There are many good words that I can use to describe you but I know that hearing me say that ‘You are a good son” is enough to convey that you really are. Thank you, my son, for being a good son. You are a blessing. We are blessed to have you. Now I understand why your cousins love and like you better.

Still, I hope and pray that your first wish will be granted someday. We just have to wait I guess.

Love you much,



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