A Metamorphosis of Being

As one grows older, things seem to get slower than slow. It must be the physical components of the body deteriorating. The dead cells actually are not replaced by new cells when the body gets older. The reason for flabby arms and thighs they say.

Even with effort, like taking a weight loss pill to govern the growth of fat cells, the body sometimes do not respond. I know someone who, after taking these ‘wonder’ pills for years, remained a figure with a huge built-in belt bag. There is this other, on the other hand, who looks like a walking set of bones after taking the ‘wonder’ pill for months then years.

It is again being slow or the slowness that kills one’s desire to exercise. Exercise is the only effective but difficult way to cut fat and maybe loose weight and be transformed into a body of mostly lean meat. Or maybe it is the condition where a poor soul is overwhelmed with life’s crisis, difficult and tight situations, disappointments, or troubles that destroys inspiration and be able to regain or maintain the adrenalin.

Sometimes, some kinds of pain don’t heal easily. And one of them is to accept that old age is inevitable. The only cure is to have that metamorphosis of being by changing the way we have to look at life when growing old cannot be avoided. Acceptance is a positive way to start the leap to this phase and then comes the rest.

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