The photo above are not the loose diamonds you might be looking for. (How I wish I have those many big diamond stones in my shoes! ha ha) Those are fake stones, err, not actually stones but crystal-like ornaments to adorn the pair of shoes.

It is interesting to learn that loose diamonds have different shapes – round, square, heart, etc, when looking at its outline from above. The most common shape is round and the other diamond shapes (like pear or oval) are called fancy-cut. They are also classified according to color and the less color, the rare the diamond is. The other Cs that classify a diamond is clarity (the fewer inclusions and blemishes, the more valuable a diamond is), carat (the unit of weight of the diamond and the greater the cut, the more expensive a diamond is), cut (the quality of the diamond’s dimensions, finish and light performance) and certification (a document that describes the diamond prepared by expert gemologists.

But hey, in Hubpages, somebody wrote about each month’s gemstones. And since my birthday falls on May, my birthstone is emerald. Here is what’s written about it:

The best quality emeralds are more expensive than diamonds.

By the way, those born in April has diamond as birthstone.

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