Photohunt: Surprise

As I have told everyone who visits this blog, Lee-ann is a favorite photography subject. The first photo was when she was younger and was surprised by my camera’s flash. The second photo was when she was almost two and was surprised when she noticed I was aiming the camera to her. She giggled a lot that time.

She had grown older now but not really that tall because her parents were not tall people he he And she is not related to me or to my husband though I love her. Her father is a friend. Her looks are a combination of her father and her mother’s features. The color was from her father and the eyes was from the mother.

I always get a kiss from her. She talks a lot, too, though some I cannot fully understand. I am so fond of her because she is a happy child that loves to play a lot.

Photohunt’s theme is surprise. Find out the many surprises the other hunters prepared for you!

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