Makes Me Want to Go to Bahamas

It’s a toxic week. So much work to do. Workload is too much. Predicaments are escalating. And the situation has the likeness to mountain climbing. As I had written a few days ago:

You can face your problem just like how you climb a mountain. In climbing the mountain, you will encounter rocks that protrude and that makes the climb hard. Just like life, there are obstacles that will make it hard for you to face the problems. But as you climb the mountain and focus yourself ahead, you also focus your attention to what situation you are in now. All your hard work will be focused on the step ahead, and then on the next, and so forth, little by little. – Do You Have Problems?

It makes me want to scan those travel deals if they have an appealing bargain for the Bahamas. I saw the place where the 2009 Miss Universe pageant was held. It was gorgeous!

But I forgot, I don’t have enough money… 😦

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