Photohunt: Ripples

a shot with son Daryl in a wave pool last year 2008

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word ripple (s) is water. I find it amazing to discover how a word can have a meaning that seems almost different:

From, another meaning, in the verb form, is fret, rub hard, or erode.

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22 thoughts on “Photohunt: Ripples

  1. What a fun shot!

    I'm amazed by the definition you shared. Had never heard that. Thanks for sharing!!

    Thanks also for stopping by my site.


  2. This is such a happy photo! Love the smiles and the colors of the ripples.

    I think of water too and the definition you found is surprising!


  3. exactly what i'd love to do in a humid night, luna.

    water it is, june!

    hi, A.. it is! 😀

    hi, carver. inviting it is.

    yw, sandra. thanks for appreciating.

    yes, it is, hip chick. especially on a hot, humid day!

    glad you liked it, annie!


  4. hi, sidney! are the pics posted? will visit soon.

    i think i had visited already, thanks!

    we really enjoyed, liz and babypink!


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