"Sometimes waiting is what works best…"


I tend to agree with her. There are things we just cannot have at an instant. We have to wait. As the saying goes, there are three answers to a prayer – Yes, No, and Wait.

There are occurrences in life like a wearing away of the spirit, a breaking of resolve, but we have to wait. We ask why someone until now was not able to realize the wrong that was done and to at least ask forgiveness. We pray for enlightenment of the heart. Though the other does not seem to be humble enough, we wait. Or maybe the answer is no. Who can tell?

We ask why there seems to be no solution for the turmoil, the threats to democracy, the unending corruption, the ceaseless trespassing of the supposed-to-be leaders, the social malignancy that has been spreading widely. We wait. How long? And for what? For some miracle maybe. For some hope maybe. For some hope that maybe the threat of the rumored September Morn is not true or will not persist. We have had enough of her.

We speculate about not getting the job or the position we wanted the most. That will at least provide us a life insurance no medical, if you know what I mean. Or the material things we crave for. Maybe the Maker has his reasons. Maybe He has plans. We wait. Why does it seem sometimes that His plans are completely different and the reverse of our hearts’ desires? We wait for the good signs that these will work for the best. Or else we end up all torn up, heavyhearted.

Sometimes waiting is what works best. Sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it is like waiting in vain.

5 thoughts on “"Sometimes waiting is what works best…"

  1. I always give this as an advice to friends and families… that GOD has always three answers to our prayers and waiting? it's all worth it.


  2. Nice post–I can relate to waiting. Been reflecting about this a lot and I truly believe that good things come to those who wait–because good things take time to be prepared. 🙂 Thanks for your blog visits, sorry it took me this long to drop by. Cheers.


  3. this is nice bing… esp now it seems i have a lot on my list that have no answer yet… and i'm just here – still waiting.

    waiting entails faith… else as you say we end up all torn up.


  4. aw, gypsy. it's okay. though at first, i really thought if i'd said amiss in my comments that i have to check them ha ha. eneweiz, that is a nice thought – good things take time to be prepared.

    sometimes it helps, 7th stranger, to also think that some of them will not be given. 🙂 and there is a reason to it.


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