Partylist Groups: In Layman’s Terms

Yesterday, July 17, 2009, partylist groups race for the 2010 polls registration. The list had grown up to 231 partylist groups at 6 pm.

Partylist groups represent the marginalized parties in the country. Marginalized is quite a fuzzy term. A layman does not understand what ‘marginalized’ means. In Ted Failon’s radio show, he shared what a common tao thinks about the term ‘marginalized’. The person, according to Ted, explained that it must have come from the word ‘margin’. Remember the elementary days where the teachers instructed the students to put margins on each page of the notebook? According to the person Ted talked to, the ‘marginalized’ sector are those within the small portions of the margin, the bigger central area represents the powerful and the dominant groups of people in the Philippines – the wealthy politicians, capitalists, tycoons, and the like.

Marginalized groups in the political system in the Philippines are those who have little importance, influence or power. Their social standing are lower than the rest and they represent the little groups or the minority. They may also be considered as insignificant.

The question why the interest to scramble for registration of these many ‘little’ groups is not a question actually. It is borne of the fact that legislators and lawmakers and authorities in power failed to address what the ‘little’ people of this country wanted to be heard. Pampering themselves with what the people’s money can give, legislators failed to do what was expected and that is to create and enact laws for the good of the common tao.

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