What Makes a Woman Complete?

The answer differs from one woman to another. I am complete because I had borne children for my husband. That may sound simplistic but it is true. For me, my womanhood was realized the first time I conceived a child. It is for me an affirmation of my being.

I know, it is that extremely simple for me but not for others. I think it depends on a woman’s needs, wants, desires or priorities. One office mate told me that she will be a complete woman only when she bears a child even without the father or a man by her side. A friend said that for her a complete woman is one who had achieved success in her career or life endeavor. A few view the concept as a woman who can be able to get what she wants – a wealthy man, or lots of money, or a luxurious car, or a grand house complete with all the lovely things like Kohler fixtures and a Canadian walk in bath tub.

While it is a bit odd for some that a particular woman is materialistic we are not to judge. It is her preference, her free will to choose what completes her. There are circumstances in life that lead from one thing to another. Who knows if this particular woman experienced destitution almost all her life? Or that it is just simply what she wants.

In the end, what really counts is how a woman attains completeness with grace. For me, I am a complete woman. No one can disprove that.

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