On Willie Revillame and the National Artist Award

No, this is not about Willie Revillame bestowed with the National Artist Award. These are two separate issues the telly had provided for the week. It would be aired repeatedly until the issue had died down or there is another more crowd drawing and opinion deriving issues that will surface.

Hmph… can a bath in one of those walk in tubs stifle my heated cranium?


I’d go straight to the point saying that Willie Revillame is not guilty of anything. At least from that clip they showed on the television where he appeared to be dismayed (and voicing it out) seeing on the monitor then President Cory Aquino’s cortege aired simultaneously with the Wowowee show.

I am not a fan of Revillame but I believe he does not mean anything harmful saying those words and telling management to remove the footage aired at the same time the show is on. I would like to translate what he meant. He probably meant that it is not proper that the footage of Cory Aquino’s cortege be aired while Revillame is trying to go on with a show intended to make people entertained. The show’s concept includes merry making with laughter and shouting. It would appear that everybody in the show, not only Revillame, does not care about the whole national event.

ABS-CBN’s management could have considered not airing the noontime show anymore especially that their outfit covered the whole event. The show should have been cancelled for a day in respect to the icon of democracy’s burial procession. Also, MTRCB barked at the wrong tree reprimanding Willie Revillame. He is an employee, only a part of the organization, and he is to follow what was told to him – go on with the show. Suffice it to say that it should not be Revillame only whose attention was called upon for violating some rules but also the outfit that should have done something to honor Ms. Cory Aquino’s burial day.

Willie Revillame is as human as everybody to be affected. There are lapses though in judgment talking in front of the camera where he could have made the request not in front of it.


For a president to use her power to insert four people including Carlo Caparas to be chosen as recipient of the National Artist Award is truly a mockery to the truest essence of the award and to the system or process of selection.

From a show hosted by Cheche Lazaro, UP Professor Butch Dalisay had rationalized the clamor for a just selection process for National Artists. It was learned that though Carlo Caparas was in the first deliberation he was not able to make it on the second deliberation. It was truly questionable why all of a sudden he was in the list.

The ever arrogant Caparas with his bully-like stance justifies the anointing and embraced the award with gusto. Out of delicadeza, one could have thought first before accepting the award knowing that in the second deliberation he was not included, or if he does not know of it, be curious enough to ask why.

It is no doubt that he has contributions, and maybe a talent, but there is a process and because he did not make it on the second deliberation, it meant that his accomplishments did not pass the criteria, he fell short of perhaps the creativity and brilliance that is being sought. Who else has the right to verify these qualities? Is it the president? From what was discussed in the show, these criteria are set forth by CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) and the NCCA (National Commision on Culture and Arts).

Please, oh, please, listen for you to understand!

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