When There Are Only Two Choices

The first three questions were already part of an entry in my hosted site that got lost and the remaining three are new. In life, there are always choices to make and you can ponder on the choices in a happy way like answering a meme:

  1. Now, if you will be asked to choose, would you have a) a skillful teacher that lacks EQ, or b) a mediocre teacher who has that capability to connect with her/his students?
  2. Would you prefer food a) for its glorious appearance, or b) for its taste even without the glamour?
  3. If God asks you to give him back one of the two most important senses, would you rather give your a) eyesight, or your b) hearing sense? And why?
  4. If you are to choose between living a short but accomplished life and a 100-year life span without accomplishing anything, what is your choice?
  5. Would you prefer that your daughter loves you but does not heed your caution and instructions or your daughter does not love you but does every wish and admonition you give?
  6. Would you be a president who is popular globally but is hated by the citizenry or one who is less popular but is well-loved by every taxpayer or subject?

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