Photohunt: Entertainment

I am late posting for Photohunt! Anyway, I am still posting. The computer is a tool where most of us gets entertainment. Daryl have Windows Media Player and WinAmp where he stores his favorite songs. He had these songs arranged per album. Funny that when it comes to songs, my son is so organized.

The television also is also a source of most of our entertainment but yesterday I was not entertained. I cried together with most of the Filipinos who mourn for the death of Cory Aquino. I cried while watching the evening news and coverage of her death though I heard it already in the morning. I cannot help but be affected. Goodbye, Tita Cory! You have left an unforgettable legacy.

6 thoughts on “Photohunt: Entertainment

  1. We get most of our entertainment from our computer too. I wish we had a second one like we used to so we don't have to fight to use this one! Great entry!


  2. she will be remembered, marites. she's now a part of history.

    argh, one single pc! we used to fight over one before!

    so where do you post your entries? at work, kat?


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