May He Rest in Peace

Most of the time I get to see him because of the party invitations from him or from his family. The last big party was when his son won the barangay elections as councilor. And during those parties, he was happy to see us, I know. Our presence delights his soul though Papsie will receive more than enough banters from him because of his bigote. He liked it clean.He is like a second father to me. He will always tell how blessed or lucky Papsie is to have a wife like me. He was always proud of me telling his relatives about me. I have not heard such sincere remarks. It was not forced, it was not sugar-coated.

The last time we visited him was two weeks ago and he was crying. He was in pain (physical and emotional). I told him that he is blessed to have everybody around him always ready to serve him while other parents do not experience that from his or her children or grandchildren. And he cried and told me that it is the reason why he feels sorry sometimes. He told me that they do not deserve the harsh words from him. I told him reassuringly that they understand.

Rest in peace, Ninong.

4 thoughts on “May He Rest in Peace

  1. hi ate bing. thanks for leaving a comment on my post.

    may your Ninong rest in peace. i lost my then only remaining grandfather last March. may they rest in peace.


  2. you are welcome, jr3.

    this is a bit late but my condolences to you. it is better for him to rest in peace. he had enough of the sufferings..


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