Not All That Glisters, Gold

I have to borrow the title of a previous post which was lost together with my hosted site.

Anyway, the Filipinos being innovative, or maybe the right description would be ‘have the capability to make a replica’ (who says copycat??), production of carbon copies of gold coins will not be a difficult job. There were reports of fraud such as this, so if you wanted to acquire gold coins and preserve them and add more, you can consult Gold Coins Gain, or any other reliable gold investment institutions.

If I have these gold coins and gold bullion (which is very impossible to happen), I would definitely invest them wisely. To make it more safe for me and my family, I would share them to those in need of financial aid. The baggage would be lighter and it would not be the wick that will be the cause of a troublesome situation. This will not endanger our lives anymore if I have a slack baggage. And besides, we cannot bring them down to our graves.

And talking about ‘not all that glisters, gold‘, these luminaries in the cabinet and among the groups of traditional politicians and among these wealthy people, are people we can exalt as models of exemplary principles, values and vision. Not because they have swarovski crystals and gold accessories, they are people who have glistening repute. Of course, there may still be some who deserves to be labeled ‘true gold among the crowd’. There is always an exemption to the rule.

2 thoughts on “Not All That Glisters, Gold

  1. i certainly agree. and most often than not, the rarest of politicians, who does not wear gold are those who glisten. have a nice day bing.


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