If it’s safe, it’s everything.

That was Par Ohmsford from the book The Elf Queen of Shannara. This book is one of those Amazon books offered at a reduced price of $3.56 and can be shipped to you one to two days. You can also buy used Shannara books priced lower than $3.56.

But this post is not about Par Ohmsford or the elf queen or Shannara. This is about a seemingly elf queen in the Philippines who chose to be safe not telling us during the SONA all about the scandals and the graft and corruption issues in the Philippines. It is because it is everything to her I believe. Telling would be incriminating.

Pardon me but I cannot help myself saying a little piece about what I heard from her during the SONA. Though I did not listen to everything and ponder seriously and read between the lines, I had the inkling that it was about how greatly she had made it possible to boost the economy. Ironically, this is the current situation in the Philippines:
  • We have debts and we will be paying for these debts. We are in a quagmire that we will not rise if something will be done.
  • We import rice from other countries. This is a situation that is a reverse of the past where we are the ones producing and teaching how to produce rice. Now, we are importing rice.
  • There are millions of unemployed. Just visit our place and there are many unemployed canto boys who try to eke out a living by running errands for the neighbors.
  • We depend greatly on our heroes’ (OFW) remittances. There are no efforts to plan and create jobs for Filipinos so that they will not serve foreigners but the Philippines.
  • We do not feel the benefits that the elf queen enumerated. No health cards, no housing for the poor, no protection for human rights especially for the impoverished, and a lot more.

This is my short piece. I am relieved I said what I wanted to say. Kahit di makinig ang elf queen.

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