Photohunt: Utensils

Isn’t it quite obvious that Photohunt‘s theme brought to mind eating? 😀 That’s right, people. These are some of those fascinating eating utensils in restaurants. It has become a habit to me that when I go to restaurants and eating places, I always check out the utensils. I go for the stainless. I don’t know why I am so fascinated with them. Well, maybe because they look clean.

9 thoughts on “Photohunt: Utensils

  1. Jams is right, yours is a delicious take of this week's theme 🙂 I have to say that the last photo is my favorite!
    In Cambodia, the locals are also fussy about their utensils. Before using, they ask for hot water and let them soak there for a few minutes, after which they pat it dry with tissue.

    Sreisaat Adventures


  2. happy weekend, jams! it really reminds me of those delicious food we dig in with these utensils.. 🙂

    must be because it is artsy, sreisaat? some carinderias here in the Philippines dip the utensils in hot water.

    it's an oriental piece, bengbeng – plate that is common among chinese restos i guess.


  3. Ohhhhhhhh, I would love a bowl of that soup/broth!!

    My photos are posted. See if you can find the 'eight' implements I used. If you can find time sometime today to stop by….

    Happy Saturday.


  4. ha ha nakakagutom talaga ang chinese food palagi.. thank you for dropping by, upto6only.

    soups are very good, i agree, anni.. wonder what you have for today's theme. i'll visit later.


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