Showing Some Skin

The question had been hanging in my head for quite some time now – if a woman shows some skin, is she not decent? The answer may depend totally on how a person defines decency, and maybe on the culture, tradition, and beliefs, where an individual was raised. It can also be a religious thing for some others.

People are so easy to judge that if a woman dresses showing her cleavage, she maybe easy to get. Or if she wears mini skirts most of the time, she has loose morals. When I was a young wife who was so comfortable wearing short shorts once in a while, and still had a delectable (*grins*) figure that does not cry out of the need for the best diet pills (ha ha) I was often piqued by in-laws via Papsie. Papsie then was not even affected when I wear those shorts during those times. In the course of time, the short shorts eventually disappeared and we discovered later that they were hidden in one of those baskets of old clothes. I will not be telling who did it but definitely she decided that I should not wear those shorts anymore.

People are so easy to judge that they can easily conclude that the reason why a woman is treated rudely or why they receive degrading remarks is because of the way they dress. To blame the whole ugly scenario to the woman is truly unforgivable. How can people justify the rudeness of men who do not have respect for women and all their worth? How can people accept that it is okay for these rude men to insult women because of the way they dress? Even a prostitute does not deserve to be humiliated or mocked of how she adorns herself. It is unforgivable that some people find it so easy to condemn. They forget that these women are human beings, too, that deserve to be treated right despite of their status or choices in life. I believe that judgment must not be given according to what we only see physically but what constitutes a person.

A senior-almost-sixty aunt returned once to her dear Philippines from the America donned simply in spaghetti-strapped blouse and denim pair of shorts. As typical as it is expected, she became the topic. I find it amusing how some people can ridicule when they cannot even have the nerve to dress like that because they have big torsos and bulges are all around while the aunt does not even look like she is almost sixty. Besides, she looks decent to me. The news reached the aunt and as expected, she retorted that why don’t these people who criticize don the same outfit and ask people around who looks better. Of course, she was joking but I know she was offended.

I find it shallow to tell that when a woman shows some skin in the way she dresses, she is loose or immoral. How funny to think that these people who find it very easy to judge might even have scandals in their past, or desire that one day they can also show some skin, or wish that their women partners can also be as sexy-looking.

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