More Than Molasses

For Pinoys: Are you aware of the expression “makunat pa sa inuyat“. In case you wonder, inuyat is molasses in English. Makunat is an adjective that is equivalent to ductile, stretchy, springy, resilient or rubberlike. That being said, you will definitely have a vision what the expression means.

Is it therefore a good trait to be stingy? Here in the Philippines, those who ignore banters or teasings that one has to give drink, food, or blow-out are oftentimes branded as stingy. In a group of friends, the teasing does not end until one gives in to a banter of giving some food or treats when it is the birthday of one of the friends.

Being stingy is a negative trait among most Filipinos. Why is it then? Actually, there are people who find it hard to share their blessings. These are the people who are known to be rich and famous but are not generous enough to share. What makes it unforgivable is when these people are the ones who took advantage of others about money matters.

It may not be bad when someone is stingy if money is just enough for his own expenses. You cannot embrace what is bigger than you. Being stingy is also not bad if one believes that an expense is not necessary or important. There are actually people who plans each activity in their lives and that includes giving out each cent from the pocket. In fact, when they pull out the five hundred bill, one can see that Ninoy is already frowning.

It is better that we consider the priorities of a stingy person. Are they sending kids to school, or do they support someone or some people? Are they more philantrophic than addicted to vices? Are they generous to those who are really in need? Are they a member of a civic group? Therefore, we cannot brand them as stingy. They are the people of this world who care enough not because of personal motives but of pure desire to help.

Are you anxious to be branded as one? And because of this, you have to borrow just to avoid being called stingy? Do not give in. Do not be anxious to be called stingy or cheap. Let it in to your ear and let it out to another.

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