A Laundry Bag for a Gift?

Here in the Philippines, you will seldom see people line up in laundry shops to have their dirty clothes and linens washed for a fee. It is because Filipinos are by nature frugal that they will wash the clothes and the linens themselves. That way they can save.

But as I walked one day along the road, I noticed that the laundry shops here in our community are increasing. Also, I see laundry shops in queer shop names in other parts of the city. These maybe because Filipinos nowadays are becoming more busy with work than before. And doing the laundry by themselves may not be the option.

And because Christmas will only be a few months time from now, there is a gift idea for today’s working class. One can give a laundry bag as a gift for Christmas to one or any of those working class people. It is by far a unique fun gift that I find interesting. Here’s why:

  • they come in different exciting colors
  • they come in different sizes
  • they blend with the fad
  • they make the effort of bringing laundry easy
  • they make it convenient for anyone to haul laundry items

I am definitely fascinated by this gift idea. This laundry bag can also serve other purposes other than contain laundry items. Who knows one day you’ll think of eloping and the bag will serve the purpose best? This is not an advice for the teens – I have to be clear about it. 😀

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