Repost: Use Bayfresh

July 27, 2007

He inches his way to the operator’s room, which is adjacent to the VP’s room. He’s a tortoise bearing all the body aches a septuagenarian puts up with. To top it all, he carries with him an obnoxious smell that goes with him wherever he goes. He loves to talk and he converses easily and fluently about many issues – from intelligent subjects to nonsensical sex talks – but it would be a challenge to talk to him at length. He must be a matinee-look-alike when he was younger – tall and mestizo but today, he is simply an old man trying to fit into the world of the ‘new’ generation.

His colleague (the VP) would instantly give instructions to the secretary after he leaves – “Bayfresh! Bayfresh!” – (indicating to spray profusely) to ward off the strong smell the pitiful old man had left. This colleague is of the same age. The only difference is he ‘dips himself into pools’ of lavish perfumes that lingers even after he had left the room.

Everybody holds his breath while talking to him, gasping once in a while to take in air only to find that the foul smell had invaded the surroundings. But nobody dares telling him the problem though it has become a well-known fact that he does not smell good so beware. Perhaps it must be the feeling of sympathy that nobody shows him or acts out that he smells really, really bad.

Such is the case of this young man who went on a half-day leave because of a complaint by a co-employee.

Then some questions popped up:

Would you cover your nose in front of somebody who has bad breath? Would you still cover your nose when he has body odor? Or when a fellow has psoriasis, would you stare mercilessly? Would you be mad and talk about it, angry that the sight and the smell really upsets you?

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