Reshaping the Filipina Image

Online, is what I mean. There is this advocacy called Reshaping the Filipina Image Online. It is a noble cause to address the current image and reputation of Filipina women in the internet. It can be a Herculean task given the fact that there are many factors we have to consider and one of them is to spread the word (to Filipinas particularly) that we have to do something to abate, if not eliminate totally, the perception in the internet about Filipinas being bound to domestic helping (not that I have anything against this noble work) and prostituting only.

Before posting this, I am glad to know that when you search and type “Filipina”, the advocacy ranks second. The support must be growing placing them at the top. It’s a good thing. It’s good news. Maybe not a gargantuan task at all.

However, I do hubpages and stumbled upon a hub – Nine Inch Nails and Star Trek. I don’t know the band. Of course, I know a about Star Trek. What made me uncomfortable is the line in the hub that says “Mariqueen is not Indian. She is Filipino. A very hot Filipino.” Then I started typing Mariqueen Maandig on the search box and clicked go. Then I saw a lot of ‘revealing’ facts parallel to saying she is a very hot Filipino.

Maybe to some that is just a statement. For the hubber, that is simply stating what he thinks of Mariqueen probably because she is a sensual and a straightforward artist (lead vocalist of the band West Indian Girl). But borrowing a line from Wil – music speaks for itself. It can be for me the same as saying, one’s preferences, beliefs and persona speaks for the person himself.

Being hot can be a good thing but can be another thing, too. The implication of the word is varied but there is danger also that Filipinas are stereotyped as hot in a perverted and twisted sense of the word.

10 thoughts on “Reshaping the Filipina Image

  1. hmm…i know 9 inch nails but not star trek (only the series and movies but not a fan of)…

    there was once a project among bloggers to hijack certain keywords of filipina and post something good about it probably deserve another chance


  2. I guess it's up to the reader to digest what hotness could mean, not necessarily to stereotype Pinays just because the word precedes the nationality.


  3. hijack certain filipina keywords? how is it done, tutubi? what happened to the project?

    yes, true, nomadic pinoy.


  4. the word “hot” does not connote sexual promiscuity or being ” mahilig sa sex”. The dictionary says it also means pretty, sexy, attractive. The word hot is regularly used here without any connotation of perversion. So if you dig a girl, you'd say she looks really “hot” 🙂


  5. thank you, jack.

    i agree, rolly. it is the ambiguity that gives the word a better meaning than the other.

    the dictionary also included the slang meaning as 'lustful; sexually aroused', bw.


  6. I use the word “hot” very often in my blog, when pertaining to people or things that are extraordinarily attractive. Di naman siguro masama gamitin ito as long as it's done without malice, di ba? 😀


  7. i understand… but this is not about the word hot, rudy. okay lang sana na sinabi ng mokong na very hot filipino si mariqueen. medyo nailang lang ako sa ibang sinabi nya sa post na yun preceding the line – A very hot Filipino.


  8. May I suggest that your support of Noemi Dado and her blogs – is undeserved by her?
    She is currently actively engaged in a campaign of hatred and lies – pure propaganda – to protect her business colleagues in a real estate firm.

    Her attitude towards discovering and promoting the truth – is unfortunately, sadly lacking.

    Please explore the stroy thoroughly to discover the obvious.
    Thank you.


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