Photohunt: Garbage

Can you guess what that picture is? It’s cooked rice placed on the concrete pavement. Now that the cat did not eat all these morsels of cooked rice, they will be swept and thrown into the garbage. It makes me sad. Each morsel is equivalent to the joy of a little child suffering from hunger in poverty-stricken places here in the Philippines and all throughout the world.

What would be your take for Photohunt‘s challenge today, hunters?

18 thoughts on “Photohunt: Garbage

  1. I would have guessed the very same…rice!

    This week's theme will be quite interesting to see what everyone came up with for their photos. Yours, my friend, is excellent actually!!! Mine is posted, come on over to my blog, if you can…

    Have a great Saturday.


  2. happy weekend, jams! and thanks for appreciating. 🙂

    thanks, snoopy! glad to read you here again. 😀

    oh, anni, you are so kind. thank you. have a great saturday. love your pic in the beach.

    very true, A.. 🙂

    thank you, gen!


  3. Another way to look at the rice — as taught to me by a Japanese restaurant owner friend: each grain of rice represents so many people's labor — including the farmer and cook and everything in between. So waste not as much as one can!


  4. I thought at first it as hail stones, never would have guessed rice. Interesting shot, and a good example of pointless waste.


  5. the japanese are very right, ytsl! 🙂

    come to think of it, it looked hailstones at first, tara! ha ha really pointless. 😦

    thanks for appreciating, magic eye! 🙂

    saw your take, srp. interesting.. 🙂

    really sad, ladykli!

    for us who value food a lot, it'll really feel bad.


  6. What a terrific post! So true. I hate throwing away food. I hate it even more when my children do it!

    Thanks for visiting my PH Garbage post last week. 🙂


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