When Fast Food Became In

The elderly people or the people of yesteryear said that it was only during the 80’s when hypertension among the ‘old’ set in. There was probably no need for diet pills yet.

During the 50’s and the 60’s until the middle of the 70’s, fast food was not yet popular in the Philippines that is why Filipinos only eat for merienda puto (native rice cake), bibingka (another type of rice cake), boiled or roasted corn ear, boiled kamote (yam), boiled saba(a type of banana), suman (another type of rice cake wrapped in banana leaves) and other native delicacies.

But when the 80’s came, fast-food chains emerged fast. Hamburger, spaghetti, hotdog, ham sandwich and other food rich in transfat and saturated fat were introduced.

Because these fast food stores multiplied along the highways and common places, Filipinos patronize these foods that are quick to prepare and cook. Most often, foods that were served in these fast food stores were oily, and unhealthy. Not only that, these hamburgers, hotdogs, ham, salami and others were made available in wet markets and supermarkets for people to be able to cook them at home. The unhealthy became very easy to obtain.

As time goes on, the menu in these fast-food stores increased and most of them were still oily. Nothing changed. So it is not a question anymore why lifestyle diseases emerged. Poor diet because of these food was the culprit. People ate and ate these foods until it was too late. After some time, it was discovered that people already have hypertension from eating food high in cholesterol.

Filipinos affected by hypertension get younger everyday and the elderly people are actually right in saying that life is better during the old times. Hypertension cases in the Philippines were not prevalent in the past. Today hypertension had become common even among the young.


6 thoughts on “When Fast Food Became In

  1. Noon pag may hypertension ka, mayaman ka. Only the rich then could “afford” to have this kind of disease. Today it's a common malady in all level of society.


  2. Hypertension is the price we pay for the convenience we get from these fast food restaurants. This trend has reached ridiculous levels here in America and as a result, aside from Hypertension, Obesity has also become an epidemic.


  3. ah, yes, obesity. malapit lapit na rin mangyari dito sa Pinas… sa mga can afford nga lang. mas marami pa rin ang percentage ng poor dito, pan kaya malabong maging epidemic. 😀


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