Michael Jackson: The Price of Being Popular

It is a sad thought that the price one has to pay for being popular extends up to one’s death and even up to his autopsy. Such is the case for Michael Jackson where autopsy results were reported by The Sun (UK) June 29, 2009 showing him ’emaciated and riddled with needle marks’.

What is more sickening is in the internet one of the most searched items these days is michael jackson autopsy photo. Talk about this desire of people to always be the first to spread tattles such as this. It is not only gruesome but bizarre.

michael jackson and lisa marie

I remember some relatives when my father died. There was this cousin who pointed and shot taking pictures of relatives. The pictures that were gathered after the burial were more than a handful and I was really shocked to see that they even took a picture of Papa inside the coffin. It was not a good feeling for me and they said that it was what my late aunt from New York wanted. I was so disappointed. I wanted to remember my father as he was when he was alive and kicking. I don’t even want to remember the times he was bedridden.

I hope those who are in the habit of snooping around other people’s private lives will stop. I know this is kind of a wishful thinking but for goodness’ sake, let Michael Jackson be. We do not need to see his dead body, we just have to remember his beautiful songs and his valuable and noble contributions to the society and to the whole world.

4 thoughts on “Michael Jackson: The Price of Being Popular

  1. This man is one of the very few who were talented to the point of defining a whole generation which, in his case, is the lineage of pop musicians. And while I am not a big fan of his personal and social life–to which things I leave to him and his family for reasons far more than privacy (respect is the word, I think)–his music can't be easily outdone or erased in the psyche of people of shapes and sizes. It is doubtless that he is a “king”, but that certainly is no reason to intrude into what is not for us to nose around. After all, he is just like everybody else (except those in the Lower House): a human being.


  2. yep, except those in the lower house.. he he

    it's funny to discover that there are people who are not MJ's fans, or at least admire one of his songs, splice.


  3. Frankly, I am beginning to get sick and tired with the excessive media coverage on JM. Now that he's gone, I just hope that people let him rest in peace.


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