MIchael Jackson’s Social Awareness Songs

It is expected that Michael Jackson’s albums sale will skyrocket now that he has gone. Music stores will surely reap profits because people will start collecting again his albums. No doubt that people will start reminiscing again with his music.

Some of Michael Jackson’s music relates to social awareness. It is this consciousness that these songs became popular. Listed here are some of the songs:


4 thoughts on “MIchael Jackson’s Social Awareness Songs

  1. Haven't heard of these songs before. When I hear the name of MJ, two words immediately pop up: Thriller and moonwalk.

    He's such a big loss to the entertainment industry.


  2. Now that his gone, some of his secrets are in the open. Come to think of it, what we considered as his eccentricity, isn't weird at all.


  3. i know the songs Heal the World, Black or White, and Man in the Mirror, nico. well, not exactly know as in know very well but i am familiar with the songs. 🙂

    we all have eccentricities, blogusvox. the difference is he is popular that's why some of us find it weird. they can all bring out in the open all his secrets now that he's gone but will it still affect MJ. they're just using them to make money.


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