The Other Story

In the television news today, I never heard anyone mention about Tatum O’Neal. But I heard a radio program host/anchor mention a snippet. She said that Tatum’s father did not like Michael Jackson that’s why the relationship did not prosper. Ryan O’Neal also threw invectives to Michael, the radio host/anchor said.

Michael and Tatum in a party.

How true the babble is I do not care. My imagination soared to wildness of how beautiful their offspring would be if the relationship prospered and a wedding for the two transpired complete with all the wedding invitations and wedding preparations. You know, the combination of an individual with color and a white one is just perfect. I have seen friends who had married people from the white race. Their children are beautiful!

Forgive me for this nonsense chatter, but I felt sorry for Michael if that was true; if that was the reason for the song She’s Out of My Life. It is not a good thing to be humiliated because of your color or race or skin.

And speaking of coincidental, the two important people in the movie and music industry, Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, are connected with two O’Neals. That would pass for a trivia, woudn’t it?

7 thoughts on “The Other Story

  1. Ryan O'Neal is not a nice man. I remember that he was in the news many years ago for hitting one of his kids where the kid ended up losing two front teeth. Thus, if this news is indeed true, then I'm not surprised at all.


  2. hi, pan. i didn't have particular interest with ryan o'neal as an actor until i read about him and farrah fawcett.

    the tidbit that the radio program host gave sounded true, and she was very affected. if it's true, how condescending he must be for treating an individual unjustly because of his color.


  3. I didn't know about this tidbit info about Michael Jackson and Tatum O'Neal (wasn't she the youngest actress to win an Oscar?).

    Speaking of Ryan O'Neal, I would say he was a good actor. His acting in the film “Love Story” was simply remarkable.

    I read he had proposed to long-time partner Farah Fawcett and she had finally said yes, but it was already too late. What a pity.


  4. jayred, i am not sure if it's true. that was what the radio anchor said. the next thing i did was to search for michael and tatum and i got this picture and the latest news about michael saying he was seduced by tatum and tatum denying it. maybe it was nothing because it did not become sensational. 😦


  5. I saw on TV many, many years ago an interview with Michael Jackson where he said that Tatum O'Neil tried to kiss him but he didn't want to. I think Michael was the one who wasn't interested in Tatum.


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