Treasured Blog Friends

The incident of loosing my self-hosted site created a vacuum and even disconnected me to some treasured friends for one reason or another. Well, one of the reason, of course is, I lost my files and I lost track of the entire list of treasures, that is, the brilliant blog sites and bloggers I frequent once in a while, if not most of the time. Until now, I have not recovered, and as you noticed, this blog is trying to survive. I have my list now that I was able to gather by remembering at least one or two, and then bloghopping again. And again. And again. I hope I am forgiven if some of them find out that they were not listed.

Who would forget them that I consider diamond treasures? They are like goodies from the supermarket that when a barcode scanner runs through them, they will register with high values. The list below are updates about some of them. If time will allow, though I am running out of it this moment, I will update my link list. If time will not allow, and I am really running out of it, I will try my very best to update. Anyway, here are the updates. And then some.

  • Abaniko – He posted and is leaving again. I have delisted him thinking he will not be blogging again. Oh, forgive me, dear Nico. – Should be a Happy Day
  • Single GuyJust had his 48th the other day. I couldn’t find his site. Glad Nico posted about it. he he – 48…
  • Babypink – She talked about loosing comments and a tag in her latest post. That means, I should be saving my files and the comments here in blogger? – Lost Commenst and a Tag

That would be all for this night. I am really, really exhausted and sleepy now.

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