A Billy Joel fan

I was a Billy Joel fan, and I still am.

It was Papsie who introduced me to Billy Joel’s music. We were in college then. He had this double long playing records. By that time, Billy Joel’s music was already famous and I was not even aware that those songs being played on the radio and hummed and sang by my friends and the students in school are his. Some of his songs that became my favorite (please click on the song to watch a video):

  1. Honesty
  2. Just the Way You Are
  3. You Maybe Right
  4. It’s Still Rock n Roll To Me
  5. Tell Her About It
  6. The Longest Time
  7. The Piano Man
  8. She’s Always a Woman
  9. My Life
  10. Only the Good Die Young

Actually, almost all of his songs are good. But my favorite is Just the Way You Are. Do you know why? Guess.

The reason why I was reminded about Billy Joel, too, is the news from FoxNews that he and his wife Katie Lee separate after five years. Well, we can’t have everything in life. It’s just sad that he would experience separation again for the third time. Though the news said they remained friends but goodbyes are goodbyes.

11 thoughts on “A Billy Joel fan

  1. I read somewhere that he wrote “Just the Way You Are” for his first wife. A youtuber (link here) commented, “I guess he meant it at the time.”


  2. He is 60, she was 27. The age gap was just too wide to bridge. The poor girl wasn't even born yet when he had his first hit!

    If I were Billy Joel, I would opt for a woman who is around my age or if I have to pick one who's younger than myself, I won't let the age difference be more than 10 years.


  3. i love, love that song,wil. fargenbastich is a good singer but he has a different pitch than joel. he can do the piano very well.

    very true, pan. she was like her daughter who was born in the middle of his marriage if he married and had a child earlier. i do agree that the gap should not be that wide.

    bb1. got scared continuing the survey. i am not a member of perfspot anymore. used to be but canceled my account. thanks for dropping by anyway.


  4. If I were Billy Joel, I will be Billy Joel the original.

    I am already famous so why I idolize another. Be on your own.

    done with link back to you.


  5. Waaaah! Boohoohoo!
    Nalulungkot ako dahil nagbalik-alala ang aking mapait na nakaraan ng marinig kong muli ang mga awitin sa link mo kay
    Billy Joel. …”Honesty is such a lonely word”…Totoo iyan at nagbalik sa aking isipan ang mga short time ko nuon sa mga motel sa Pasig at ang mga pangakong pagmamahalan habang buhay habang ang mga awitin ni Billy Joel ay siyang tumutugtug sa radyo at nagmamadaling makatapos dahil ayaw kong mag-bayad ng overtime at baka wala na kaming pang-taxi labas sa Pasig patungo sa paborito naming karinderia sa kalye Dian, Makati…malupit ang dating ng mga alalang lumipas kapag naririnig kong muli ang mga awitin ni Billy Joel…masakit!!!


  6. that age gap must have something to do with the breakup, it's just too much age separating them.

    i liked his songs but nothing really stood out for me.

    siguro kung ke manilow pa 🙂


  7. ohhh… am sorry, noypetes. naging nostalgic ka tuloy. but in a way, it brought back beautiful memories pa rin kahit in the end it seems di naging ok.

    it is really a wide gap, photo cache. about manilow, i like his songs but he is not my favorite. 😀


  8. 60 and 27 is much better than the late bombshell Anna Nicole ( bless her soul) marrying an 89 year old Texan billionaire when she was 26 🙂

    You can say that age doesn't matter but if the gap is too wide, one cannot help thinking that there might have been a “vested interest” in the marriage 😦


  9. ah, yes, ana nicole. but still, the difference between billy and katie is 30+ years! my gosh, i cannot think of anything for them to jive. paano magkakaintindihan ang mga yun, bw? i also think that way..


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