Gorgeous Adam Lambert

This maybe a bit late to post but still, I wanted to post it. Pardon me because I was so busy the past few days I almost forgot about this.

Season Eight contestant Adam Lambert made it to the final two. It was a big disappointment for the many fans of this gorgeous contestant that he did not become the eighth (8th) season American Idol winner. However, he remains the most loved contestant for the season.

It is no question why he has many fans. Adam Lambert earned the admiration and awe because of his singing prowess. He was obviously a skilled artist with a superior ability. His every performance for each challenge that the contest posed was a discovery. He had succeeded in giving an enhanced meaning to song interpretation.

Simon Cowell, about one of Lambert’s performances, was not wrong saying that “The whole idea is to find a worldwide star, and I think we found that with you. Indeed, Adam Lambert is a worldwide star. He shines in each performance. He was a natural and he sang so well that one cannot help admire. There is nothing an audience would feel but be charmed by the emotions each performance gave.

One thing that was noticeable about this superstar of American Idol Season Eight is the emotions inherent in each performance – from the appearance to the getup to the hairstyle. No one in the group had such aura as he had. There were others who can rank in effort but nobody surpassed Adam Lambert. And though each of the contestants had his or her own style, it was always Lambert who made an impression.

Gender questions or concerns rose during the time of the contest but they did not succeed affecting his presence on the stage. Lambert remained confident and performed very well that overpowered those personality attacks. It was after all a singing contest as he had said. That was a well-spoken remark from a professional.

American Idol contest could be a contest of votes mainly from passionate fans. It may be true that Adam Lambert did not make it because most of Dan Gokey’s fans voted for Kris Allen. But what is true is there was nobody in this season’s group who outshone Adam. He was already made before the season ended.

4 thoughts on “Gorgeous Adam Lambert

  1. Whether Adam Lambert took the title or not, he will continue to shine. He was robbed of the title true and that was because people didn't like his rocker personality.

    I bet he will outshine poster boy Kris Allen when it comes to making records.


  2. He is the most amazing singer. I never get tired of listening to the tape made from Idol performances, Uptight Caberet, etc. Also, he is drop-dead gorgeous, sexy, with a wonderful personality. Oh, the things I would do to that man …


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