Photohunt: Lock

Photohunt has for today’s theme LOCK. Typical for houses to have locks like that one of the white door at the side of Papsie.

LOCK also means hairstyle or any threadlike growth in animate beings. Papsie usually sports hairstyle like this one in the pic. During college, his hair was thicker and brushed up which would look stupid these days but during that time, the hairstyle looks very appealing to me. 🙂

26 thoughts on “Photohunt: Lock

  1. I like the second intepretation for Lock.

    Did you know we have the same work in Norwegian?
    With write it this way: Lokk.
    The pronounciation is equal to English.


  2. hi, TorAa! what do you mean same work?

    thanks for appreciating, rjflamingo, ladykli, carver, annie, sue and leslie.

    i think we all do, jody.

    i like the way you see it, alice – subtle.

    that's nice to know, srp.


  3. nalen, yung nag-host hindi nagsabi na di na siya magho host, bigla na lang nawala, as in naglahong parang bula. naapektuhan nga pati ang free wordpress ko. di mabuksan kasi nare redirect to my hosted site.

    i tried to contact him but to no avail. meron palang mga taong ganoon – so irresponsible. lost my files from 2007 to early 2009.


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