Ted Failon is Back!

Ted Failon is back today in DZMM’s Tambalang Failon at Sanchez. In truth, I had just turned into a fan of this radio commentator when the tragedy in his life happened. His satire and witticism on the radio is very interesting. One has to have skills to deliver as effective as Ted Failon is. Actually, listening to the radio in the morning (in TFS’ slot) became strange sounding when he left. Sure, Ricky Carandang is a witty tv news commentator but it really sounded different. Ted’s voice has that magnet and charisma and I really wonder if there would be one who could be as effective as he is, who could replace him and make the radio program outlive other programs.

I am not much of a fan of Korina Sanchez though. In fact, Pinky Webb, who replaced her, sounded alright and can be her replacement. Webb is effective, smart, and has a solid voice that has an impact. I hope she will be given an important and long-lasting radio program.

Listening to Ted this morning is like a catalyst. It perked me up and made me smile again. I admire him for his strength. I hope and pray he will have true peace soon as I also pray for it for myself and for the whole family.

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