Schrödinger’s Cat Made My Head Ache

I came across this experiment which was not actually carried out and it made my head ache. It was a thought to interpret quantum mechanics. Heavy for a topic? Yes, but the arguments that transpired after this cat-in-the-box experiment seemed pointless. An excerpt from this page tells:

In the early 1930’s Erwin Schrödinger published a way of thinking about the circumstance of radioactive decay that is still useful. We imagine an apparatus containing just one Nitrogen-13 atom and a detector that will respond when the atom decays. Connected to the detector is a relay connected to a hammer, and when the atom decays the relay releases the hammer which then falls on a glass vial containing poison gas. We take the entire apparatus and put it in a box. We also place a cat in the box, close the lid, and wait 10 minutes.

We then ask: Is the cat alive or dead?

The answer according to quantum mechanics is that it is 50% dead and 50% alive.

Really heavy for a topic, yes? But it is Copenhagen’s interpretation that made it somehow clear. Extracted from hereThe Copenhagen Interpretation does not allow for the room to actually contain a cat that is both dead and alive at the same time, or a cat that is neither dead nor alive, suspended in limbo. But contains either a dead cat or a live cat, until someone looks, and it is then that the actual reality of the situation is determined.

I think it is not common sense to think that the cat is 50% dead AND 50% alive. It can EITHER be dead or alive. That is a more acceptable occurrence to me because how can a cat be dead and alive at the same time?

Enough of these. Common sense does not apply to some sciences I guess.

6 thoughts on “Schrödinger’s Cat Made My Head Ache

  1. It's called a Thought experiment. I think. It's all about statistical probability. akala kasi ng mga deterministic scientists nung araw tulad ni… yung german na magulo ang buhok na henyo daw… kung kasing talino ka ng Dyos, kaya mong malaman ang posisyon at bilis ng isang electron. e sa mga experimento mukhang imposible malaman pareho ang speed and position nya unless gumamit ka ng statistical probability. ang alam ko malaki ang naitulong ni Schrodinger para matalo ang maling paniniwala ni Einstein dahil sa pusang galang thought experiment nya.


  2. hi, tk. this made my nose bleed ha ha anyway, it an addition to learning. thanks for sharing your thoughts. 😀


  3. hehehe.. with quantum physics, the physical laws of nature that we feel and see, that of Newtonian physics, is completely defied 🙂 Electrons seem to be able to be at two places at the same time and this had been proven in many experiments already.

    The Many Worlds Universe theory is truly mind boggling but many scientists believe that we exist in parallel universes.

    What happens at the sub atomic level is totally exciting and perhaps in the future it will allow us to understand the fabric of reality 🙂


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