Photohunt: Advertisement

Today’s Photohunt theme is advertisement.

The common advertisement I have for my pictures today include lighted restaurant names, a banner, an imprint on a plate, and one on the walls. They are very common forms of advertisement for an organization.

One advertisement that had me laughing is this ad from Pizza Hut. It is not a photo but I’d like to share it with you. Click here.

27 thoughts on “Photohunt: Advertisement

  1. thanks, leslie, for appreciating. 🙂

    'tis true, srp! 🙂

    i do, too, tara! 🙂

    it's funny, 'no, bengbeng? 🙂


  2. Fun post! That Pizza Hut ad was pretty funny – you don't have to speak the language to get it! 🙂

    Thanks for visiting!


  3. it is really a funny ad, ria!

    glad you liked it, rjflamingo!

    thanks, fishman.

    no, they have two different themes, ytsl. 🙂

    thanks, carver and gengen!


  4. LOL! Took me a couple of run throughs to catch on, and to realized it's a continuous loop. Very funny.


  5. Yes a nice selection of adverts here and the Pizza Hut advert is – how would you say ?? ” strange ! ” I'm not sure I actually understood it but never mind …


  6. glad you liked it, audrey and tab!'

    will do, criz.

    strange,petrus? must be the language.

    it's a funny ad, carin.

    they are fun places to go to, willa and ladykli!


  7. That is a very cool collection of photos. I enjoyed looking at these!

    Thanks for visiting mine and hope you have a great week.


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