Showbiz News

The present sequence in television news programs in the Philippines always has this entertainment news portions. Showbiz news seems to be part and parcel of each news program. It seems like news programs cannot go on without them. The frequency of airing these entertainment news also increased and they were slotted in between the whole program. I remembered that previous showbiz news were given the last portion of each television news program but today, they were aired more frequent than before.

I have nothing against showbiz news. After all they are still news to everybody, accounts of recent happenings in a place, or about people, specifically artists, or popular personalities. But sometimes they become repetitive and they dull the mind. I wonder if what they call marketing strategies really necessitates them to put in showbiz bits in between important news about the country and other matters. Why the need when they have put up showbiz entertainment programs repeating all what had been reported in the newscasts?

It maybe interesting to most Filipinos to have more showbiz news. Maybe that is what the surveys tell about Filipino habits on television viewing and what clicks for the masses. Maybe more entertainment, more appeal.

Where do we attribute all these? Maybe the Filipinos became used to the country’s issues on poverty, graft and corruption, useless leaders and politicians, scams, prostitution, bribery, etc, etc. Maybe these unresolved and repetitive issues numbed the minds of most Filipinos that is why they find entertainment news more interesting.

It is a sad reality if that is the case. For us to be laid-back or unconcerned, that poses a more troubling concern. Revolting wickedness of evil in society might prevail.

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