Photohunt: Book (s)

Photohunt has its theme for today one of my favorites – books. Above is one of the books I have read. It’s been a long time since I have indulged myself with books. There are still many in the book cabinet waiting to be read.

To read about Nicholas Sparks’ The Rescue Flap, visit the author’s page.

Below are some of the reviews about the The Rescue:

“A romantic page-turner. . . Sparks’s fans won’t be disappointed.”
— Glamour magazine

“All of Sparks’s trademark elements — love, loss, and small-town life — are present in this terrific read.”
— Booklist

“Cunningly crafted.”
— Publisher’s Weekly

“Extremely powerful. . . an emotional love story. . . must reading for those fans that cherish a deep-rooted love story like the author’s previous works.”
— Harriet Klausner, Painted Rock Reviews

“Sparks, who is becoming well known as a sophisticated writer. . . has a beautifully natural way of portraying a complicated and intense love story. THE RESCUE is yet another example of his imagination and skill.”
— South China Morning Post

“Nicholas Sparks knows how to tug at a reader’s heartstrings.
— Chicago Sun-Times

“Readers who don’t mind shedding a few tears won’t be disappointed.”
— People

“True-to-life, plentiful dialogue honestly details the family and relationship concerns that almost any reader would identify with. His settings are richly painted and his characters believable. . . Life is full of guilty pleasures. THE RESCUE turns out to be one of them.”
— Anniston Star

12 thoughts on “Photohunt: Book (s)

  1. I read the link regarding the book and I'm guessing the main character finds love in the end, right? hehe

    The last good book I read was The Kite Runner. Currently reading a Coehlo book called The DEvil and Miss Prym and its a bit slow.


  2. happy weekend, too, photo cache. though you have the zest, if you don't have the time, the reading will be set aside. 🙂

    it's a nice book but not exemplary for me, marites.


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