What Will You Tell Your Friend?

The other day, my friends and I were talking about issues on the Kho-Halili video sex scandal. Some of my friends and acquaintances think that Viki Belo has something to do with the spreading of the video. They have their reasons. But the thought that followed was if you are a friend of Viki and has knowledge about Hayden’s infidelity, what will you tell Viki? Or would you tell Viki that Hayden is playing around with other women? My friends find it hard to tell.

Papsie said yes automatically adding that if Viki is a friend, he will right away tell her about the affairs. I asked how will he do that and he replied he will frankly tell her to talk to Hayden about the affairs. Papsie believes that as a friend, he has an obligation to tell.

When I was surfing the net, in one the sites, the said topic about infidelity was discussed and there were comments that state that the issue must be between the partners and friends have no business meddling. They say that let the couple deal and resolve the problem themselves. Nobody should interfere or intervene.

I might as well tell my friend about what I know but I will not do it as Papsie suggested. It is not really that easy to tell a friend serious matters like that. I will probably give hints, and slowly share her or him situations resembling her or his situation and let her or him react. When my friend finished sharing her opinions, I will gradually tell.

Actually, no matter how blunt or careful we tell the matter to a friend, it would still hurt. But I believe, as a friend, I have an obligation to tell. I would not let my friend love so truly and at the same time unsuspecting of what is really happening. I do not want it to happen to me, too. That’s why a friend should not keep from me what my husband is doing behind me. It would really hurt me if she or he does not tell me.

For some, it would be meddling. But I see it as an obligation. I have to tell my friend and my friend has to take it or leave it. The decision on the matter is not on my hands anymore. That’s where it ends.


4 thoughts on “What Will You Tell Your Friend?

  1. It's a very good idea to tell your friend. I was in the same situation last year and regret not telling now


  2. I wouldn't say it is an obligation but it perhaps depends on how close you are to the person because however you may want to look at it, technically speaking, it is meddling.

    For me the hardest part of telling would be – how can I be sure and what if I am wrong? argh..


  3. ha ha i hope you're not saying it because you are a man.

    kidding aside, for me, it would be the burden that will make it an obligation to tell. and yes, i believe it depends on the closeness of two friends. i just couldnt bear the thought that my friend will know that i know and did not do anything about it.


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