Photohunt: Plastic

These are plastic hangers on on the floor of my son’s room. I was laughing when I saw this because he took pictures of his dirty and unorganized room first before cleaning it. You can see how dusty the floor was and the hangers were all over the floor! After cleaning the room, he again took pictures. The result was satisfactory. Though it’s far from what I expected, the effort was there. 🙂

22 thoughts on “Photohunt: Plastic

  1. LOL! My youngest is 19 now — and I'm STILL happy when he makes an effort to clean his room! You have fun colors in hangers!


  2. It's not just sons who don't clean rooms often enough. I have 2 teen daughters who's rooms looks like a tornado hit. But they are well behaved and good students so I just sigh, roll my eyes and close the door.LOL!


  3. Sometimes I despair of teaching my kids how to clean properly. This is actually much cleaner than my dd's room right now.


  4. Glad he took after photos too to compare. The only way I can find extra hangers is to clean one of the kids' room.


  5. That's a cool-looking photo. Looks more like art than hangers!

    Thanks for visiting mine and have a nice weekend.


  6. very true, ladykli! the good grades lets you understand and sometimes do what they should be doing. my daughter's room is equally like that. 🙂

    ha ha don't despair, alice audrey. i think this is common if not normal ha ha

    really, laura?

    i found it funny, too, mominin.

    yes, carver. the only consolation i got. he he

    i don't think he wants it, TAB. it came to a point that needs to clean it. 😀

    me, too! me, too, tara r.!

    thanks, sue!

    it does, annie? thank you.

    ha ha, wonder where the metal hangers went, just jody!


  7. you're welcome, kaye. true, it is such an essential thing to live without.

    one day, napaboaniya. guide them. 🙂

    thank you, rj flamingo.


  8. I think it's cool as well as amusing that your son decided to take “before” and “after” cleaning shots! 🙂


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