The Good Son

I do not talk much about Papsie these days but allow me this time.

Papsie, for those bloggers who are new to this site, is my dear husband. Last March 8, 2005, I wrote a post about him, two days after his birthday. He is a good man despite the foul mouth and the bad temper at times. But he is wickedly funny and truly a proud father.

As I have written before, he loves unconditionally. He is a good son. He does not care if what he does is appreciated by his mother. He always see to it that he gives in to the matriarch’s wishes all the time. Not an easy job for him because as you know my husband is a physically challenged man. He always seems to be treated like he is one normal guy. His welfare and his happiness is second priority to him.

The other day, Papsie went into mother-in-law’s room and discovered that her right and left exterior leg parts were swollen and the wounds seemed to be infected. She had applied sanitary balm plus alcohol plus baby oil to rid of the pain she said that caused a reaction drying the skin. This later became itchy and dry causing her to scratch until they bled.

Papsie was so worried that he told mother-in-law that he will be blamed of what had happened to her legs. There were no words of comfort nor compassion for Papsie. He was simply told that they were itchy that is why she scratched them hard.

I called Papsie later in our room and told him he need not blame himself. He should not be blamed. I will be mad if somebody will blame him or me for what had happened. Of course, we need to take care of the old woman but Papsie cannot be by her side all the time to tell her what to do or not to do, for her ease, comfort and safety. I guess we all have to be responsible for ourselves, too, unless… UNLESS one is senile enough not to be able to think that something can harm her or him.

It was not actually easy for Papsie to hear an aunt ranting like crazy seeing her sister’s legs. Papsie brought her to the hospital this afternoon and was told by the doctors that she has to be confined. Mother-in-law has cellulitis but she will be confined because of edema in her foot up to the lower leg.


8 thoughts on “The Good Son

  1. My late mother, who was bedridden for several years, has had several accidents (like falling flat on her face when she was still able to walk) and her face was really black and blue I almost cried when I saw her when I came for a visit. But what can my siblings, who live with her, do? Later on, when she was already bedridden, we weren't even aware that we had to turn her every two hours. She developed bed sores as big as a small cup. Taking care of the old is very hard. I can understand your predicament.


  2. Oh, I'm sorry to hear about mother-in-law. I have a friend dealing with a senile mother (brought about by a stroke) and it's really tough.Sometimes mishaps like that are bound to happen–it's just impossible to guard someone all the time. Hope all goes well. Papsie has a big heart.


  3. yes, rolly, it is not easy. aside from the accidents, we have to live with the tantrums, the temper, the harsh words, etc, etc. at times, to understand is almost impossible. that is why it is not fair for anyone to blame us, especially Papsie, when he despite his condition, does all he can to please without expecting a return or even an appreciation.

    very true, sidney. we are blessed to have him. 🙂

    the people who takes care of the sick and the elderly also have a life to live. that is why i find it sometimes impossible for others to easily give unnecessary and unfair remarks when they are not experiencing what these people (the ones who take care of them) have been undergoing, kat.


  4. it's nice that you share this. it's rare for mom bloggers to really post one post just dedicated for their husband.

    as much as i can see who your husband is, i too can feel the deep love that you have for him.

    thanks for dropping by eskapo.


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