On Recognitions

Thinking Blogger

I feel elated to receive an award from Ipanema.

All I can say is – Thank you, thank you very much! It always feels good to know how others regard you as a blogger. And I have to list five! This is really a tough job. But of course there will always be individuals who deserve the top 5.

This award goes to:

You guys have to list your awardees for this award. If you had received the award, please ignore the meme but inform me (please?). πŸ˜€

What Were You Thinking?

And since I am in the mood for memes, I would like to ask

  • Ferdz
  • Sonnie
  • Kyels
  • Mitchteryosa
  • Verns

What Were You Thinkin’?When you first met your current main squeeze (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, sex partner, WHATEVER!)

Here is what I was thinking when I first met my husband – “Hmm… Bakit kaya nakatitig ito sa akin? (Hmm…Why is he staring at me?)”

Now, it’s your turn… πŸ˜€

21 thoughts on “On Recognitions

  1. ha ha not all women thinks like that, single – some others would not ask anymore, they will conclude like “ang manyak naman ng mamang ito he he o me dumi kaya ako sa mukha?” ha ha


  2. you have an eye for the gwapos, ha, verns. sabagay sino naman ang hindi ha ha ;-D

    thank you for obliging and posting it ASAP sa blog mo, mitch. appreciate it! πŸ˜€


  3. Maraming, maraming salamat, Bingskee!

    Ipanema also gave me that award months ago. It is my honor that you concur with her judgment. I promise to come up with better posts in the future.


  4. Gee, Bing. Thanks for this award. Totally unexpected. “Thinking blogger” pala ako? Kala ko lavandera blogger lang. LOL:-) I guess it’s about time I create an opinion blog…. (Just to let you know, I don’t do memes in my expat blog. But to be sport about this, is it okay if I just reply to this meme in your comments box later?)

    Thanks again for the award. I feel honored.


  5. Hmmm, “why is she very different from the rest of those beautiful women? The heart says bog bog bog bog. the mind says, could be the same as the ex ex ex ex …… all pretty faces and sexy bodies. go and find out.”


  6. I’ve very honored with my selection Bing πŸ™‚ I’ve been working late nights lately and couldn’t respond to comments in my blog but took this time to thank you πŸ™‚ cheers.


  7. hi, tina. will take a look later. thank you. πŸ˜€

    yes, you are, jayred. πŸ™‚ it’s ok not to do the meme. no problemo.

    ha ha talaga, rolly. yun ang naisip mo? parang love at first sight! πŸ˜€

    you are very welcome, bw. glad that you’re glad. ha ha we are all experiencing time constraints, i guess.


  8. You deserve this recognition so much because your insights are unparalleled and every posts is so well-written that I rarely see any grammatical error—if there ever was one. Kudos to you and more power.


  9. oh, this is humbling, major tom; i have my shares of gram errors πŸ™‚
    more power to you, too. and you are also a candidate for this award. unfortunately, the meme asked for 5 only πŸ˜€


  10. Thanks for doing this bing. Your first 2 were in my 1st batch of awardees: BW & Dr. Emer. πŸ™‚

    Your very candid with your posts. Very honest, straight to the point at walang kemi [korek ba yan? bisaya ako eh]. πŸ™‚
    Really but that’s what i love in you and your posts. seldom you find people who are at ease with sensitive topics. Great blogging!


  11. really? bw is also in your list. well, no doubt about it. πŸ™‚

    wow, that is so nice a remark for my posts. sabi nga daw, honesty is the best policy. well, i think the more you put on make-up, the more that it reveals the true texture of the face, di ba? he he (ikumpara ba sa make-up!) thank you very much, ipanema. i feel honored. you very well deserve the award, too.


  12. Hahaha. Thanks for the tag. Dito ko na lang sagutin. I don’t have a ‘current’ right now pero for the last one. Here’s what I was thinking “Ganda nito ah! Kakausapin ba talaga nya ko?” Hehe.


  13. Salamat, Bing.

    You don’t know how much what you think about be means to me…

    I’ll try to do my awards later.

    regards and I hope we can chat again sometime


  14. awwww, walang anuman, punzi.

    at oo nga, di na ako nakakapagchat. my password was hacked kasi. i will be reinstalling YM again!

    hope all is well with you. God bless. πŸ˜€


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