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This will be short. These past few days I don’t have the abundance of time. Now I leave some questions which you might want to indulge yourself with.

  • Overheard a friend talking about an officemate who seem to think that her profession is better than my friend’s profession. Is there such a thing as the best profession? Personally, I don’t think there is such a thing as the only profession worth to be nominated as the best. Well, there maybe professions which are profitable in comparison to others. But isn’t it what is important is that one loves doing what he is doing, and that at least he has somebody to pay him for what he loves doing? So, is a chemical engineer superior to a chemist? Or is an artist inferior to a nurse?

  • If a tree fell in the middle of the forest and no one was there to hear it , will it still make a sound? Will sound be sound still when you do not hear it? That is a question from my beloved daughter.

  • An officemate loves to ‘play’. We are not on speaking terms anymore because I do not play her play. In short, I am not comfortable with her and her actuations, and I don’t think it is necessary to play goody-goody with each other. So, we don’t talk anymore but she ‘plays friends’ with me when hubby is around. Is that flirting? Or a deliberate attempt to annoy me? I just don’t see any reason for her to act like we are close as before. And what is funny even more is when hubby is not around she ignores me which I don’t mind at all. I am not at all threatened or insecure but goodness knows what she is doing! What might she be doing exactly?


17 thoughts on “In a Jiffy

  1. 1) Doesn't matter if it's profitable or not. Important thing is that one enjoys what he or she is doing…

    2) Of course it will still make a sound, scientifically speaking. You just didn't hear it. 🙂

    3) You should be flattered that your husband is still being flirted upon even after all these years, that means you're married to a sexy guy. Think Sean Connery, hahaha. 😀

    Have a great weekend, Bing.


  2. thanks, single. actually, my husband is not that appealing as before ha ha (forgive me, Papsie). that b**** is just an attention seeker, KSP yata, e. but she's pretty, ha. but the thing is she's married, and i cant dig her actuations really. to the point that i am irritated na minsan. i was thinking maybe that's more like a deliberate act of getting my attention. i had long closed the door na for friendship to her kasi.


  3. some people are just not worthy of attention. never mind her, ms. bing. when you bump into her, isipin mo na lang na office furniture siya. 😀


  4. I also don't think that there is such a thing as a better or the best profession. We enter or profess into a career because that's that we love to do or what we think will give us a better income. Besides we need the all the different professions. Doctors also need dentists or accountants and accountants also need hairdressers or what have yous, etc. 🙂


  5. >>It doesn't matter what one's profession is. It doesn't make anyone less of a man if one's got an inferior paying job. Likewise, loving what we do is more important as it gives meaning to our existence.

    >>I think I've mastered ignoring annoying, opportunist, people…lol. Yes, she's deliberately doing it. 🙂


  6. ipanema, some people think they are far better off than others because they got high paying jobs.

    actually i'm close to mastering it, too… 🙂 the reason perhaps why that creature keeps trying…


  7. That's true bing. They see a dollar sign in every person's face. That's bad. Anyway, this is one type of person to be avoided.

    lol bing. I ignore pests because if I don't I have a bad temper with this kind. Derecho ako magsalita.


  8. 1. I know an embalmer who wouldn't trade profession with your friend 🙂 I'd be cynical, but your friend wouldn't go far in life with that kind of thinking.

    2. This boils down to the theory that reality becomes such only when it is observed. The logical answer of course is yes – it will make a sound. This assumption is from past observation of the same incident.

    3. I may call this a manifest personality and the message might be she might not be in good terms with you but all is well, meaning the hatchet is buried between her and your hubby. She feels that you hubby had nothing to do with your tiff and she doesn't want to burn the bridge with him and rightfully so.


  9. tita, your 'playful' officemate reminds me of…'antagonists' in our local telenovelas. i don't know why! 😛 maybe it's just the seemingly duplicitous attitude. if i may hazard a guess, maybe she's trying to avoid drawing your husband into whatever 'game' she's playing with you, and she's quite enjoying the challenge of doing so herself. errr….hehe. just my 2 cents 🙂


  10. > I think that there are no better professions only better professionals… and the best professional there is, is the one who loves what he does and doing it not for the money alone.

    > Yes, it will still be sound even if you do not hear it… just like poverty, emotional abuse, heartaches… etc. Just because it does not “enter your own reality”/”you don't hear the sound”, it doesn't mean it does not exist.

    > maybe it's a pathetic (erm.. rather stupid) attempt to win your friendship back or maybe she's just really flirting with tito and trying to make you mad… to see if you'd kill her.. hehehe.. kidding.. perhaps the fact that you ignore her is killing her… di ba mas mahirap yung dine-dead ma kesa sa inaaway??? :p

    have a blessed sunday po! 🙂


  11. ipanema, i am trying my best to keep my calm. people will not like me, too, if i get pissed off.

    hi, tk, had visited the site, too, before. it had created an argument among other bloggers, no?

    you're mistaken, bw, it was not my friend, it was our officemate who seems to think that her profession is better than my friend's. and you're right, she would'nt go far. as to the sound, daughter has another reason quite similar to that theory.

    for me, bw, that creature has a problem. it is but logical for one to think twice before acting like that. hubby was a friend to her because she was MY friend before. and what could be the logical reason why she must not burn the bridge between her and my hubby when the connection is entirely between her and me? a personality disorder is what i suspect.

    corsi, she doesnt look like a contrabida at all. she hides her true self. and people might mistake me as over-reacting about the issue. i can understand that but as i've said she was a friend for a time and i have learned about her quite enough to feel this way.

    din-din, hija,
    > i like what you said – 'there are no better professions only better professionals'.
    > your reasoning is extensive. imagine to correlate it with those issues, i didnt think of it.
    > that is what i feel, she is irked, or more accurate – angry to what had happened between us. i was the one who'd detached myself.


  12. “The best”-whatever (profession, song, movie, book, perfume, etc.) is always subjective so what's best for you may not be the best for me and vice-versa. We all have different criteria for “the best” so there can never be an agreement as to what or who is the best. Sadly, some people think that “the best profession” is the one that brings in the money … and lots of it. I agree with you, Bing. The best is the one that makes you happy.

    As for your daughter's question, susmariosep … ang hirap. But thought-provoking.

    As for your “friend”, forget about her. She's not worth your time.

    Have a happy week, Bing!


  13. 1. I would become a Nurse one day… but i do like to draw… I dio not consider either of the two asw inferior with the other.

    2. Sounds are waves… sounds travel in water because they awre waves. But if you cannot here them… hmmm… I guess they'll remain to be waves… just that. Sound waves differ from other kinds of waves because we can here them.

    3. Breathe in… Breathe out… KILL HER!


  14. 1. as long as you love your work and you're enjoying on it, it's the best!

    3. your officemate was just trying to annoy you! to prove to your husband that she's a good officemate. oh well whatever, as long as popsie knew the real story.


  15. it is subjective, bugsy, i agree…
    thought-provoking talaga ang tanong he he
    as much as i would want to forget her, i couldnt, i see her everyday.. i dont mind her anymore actually. it's when she acts weird that i get affected at times.
    you also like to draw, mon-mon? that's nice to know.
    you mean 'hear'?
    kasalanan ang pumatay he he
    mmy-lei, ang babaw niya kung ganun ang reason niya. Papsie doesnt meddle actually. he listens to my stories but does not react unnecessarily. he would give advices like 'di dapat patulan' or 'wag pansinin'.


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