Scam Alert

I bet everybody who has an email is not spared by these email scams. A friend had told me that this site provides information about email scams. I would like to reiterate these types FYI.

  1. Advance Fee Fraud : Sample letter can be found here.
  2. Lottery Scams: Sample letter can be found here.
  3. Phishing: Sample letter can be found here.
  4. Auction Scams: Sample letter can be found here.

My friend said that the people behind these are hardened criminals so be very cautious and careful. The best way to deal with it is IGNORE or DELETE the email. That way, you don't get the chance to read and be enticed of the contents. Some of the letters succeed invading your INBOX instead of landing in your BULK folder.

So, be very careful, friends. I just cannot let this pass without a warning. I can't bear the thought of another person victimized by these email scams.

20 thoughts on “Scam Alert

  1. hmm…auction scams. i read a story of an auction scammer who got scammed by pranksters! tita bing, if you have the time, you can check out the story here. definitely a good read 😉


  2. you’re welcome, ann!

    i also replied twice to the same email with these words “Will you please stop sending me these emails?” lalong nagpadala, single. ayaw na tumigil ha ha

    hi, corsi. that’s a nice one. it’s like one of those detective stories. worth a read. the scammer had a taste of his own medicine. what a bummer! hik hik hik


  3. This Nigeria scam really sickens me. I’m quite sure there’s folks out there who have no clue about this Nigeria scam and are victims to be if they try to make a fast buck without thinking twice. Awareness is key but there are still folks out there , esp the older senior citizens who haven’t logged in to the internet yet.


  4. Every single day, I receive some kind of email scams. Sometimes I still get excited when I see like 14 mails in my inbox. But they are just spam and I don’t even bother to open them.


  5. hay naku, ate bing I receive e-mails everyday about that lottery ek-ek. how I wish hindi scam, I’m a zillionaire na by now, ha ha


  6. if you’re using yahoo mail, meron po dun spam na button sa inbox, mark that mail as spam para next time nde na po sha dederetso sa inbox 😀 hehehe

    also, be careful sa mga nagpapadala ng may attachments lalo na kung yung attachment may “.exe” na extension. Sometimes gagawin ka pa nilang criminal hehehe tapos may pinapadownload sa’yo para daw maayos mo yung kaso or makita yung mga crimes na ginawa mo… then ayun, meron na silang instant access sa pc 😛

    nabasa ko sa mail ng isang friend ko yang ganyan


  7. i was a victim before, Sel. nag-oopen ako thinking it might be someone i know but had forgotten. hindi pala. wonder if what effect it has on my pc.


  8. we should be very careful sa emails na natatanggap natin… sometimes sender can be one of our friend’s email address pero if you would trace it, nde sila nagpadala ng ganun. 😀

    many viruses propagate by sending themselves in the user’s address book, so be careful, co’z the email sender could be one of your friend.

    pictures are safe to open, but just be sure it’s a picture. sometimes their extensions could be misleading, pictures like (.jpg,.gif,.png, etc.) followed by an extension which is executable by windows like (.com,.exe,.bat,.vbs, etc.) so those geeks named their “pictures”, nudebabe.gif.exe 😛 If you’re using email clients like MS Outlook, Eudora, Incredimail, etc. they automatically download emails to your computer and sometimes windows are configured not to see the extensions for known file types. That way, pictures are displayed without those executable extensions. Good thing viruses will not run unless they’re accessed 😀 Be extra Careful!


  9. Scams!!
    I almost fell into their trap, but in my case, it’s a job offer from a supposedly oil servicing company in NIgeria. Di lang ako mapalagay sa offer nila…too good to be true that’s why I investigate in google….and found out their schemes of duping you out. It does comes in many forms…

    I was about to actually write about these experience at napadaan dito. 🙂


  10. very true, glen. just this day, i saw an email with the name of a friend, and they were jpeg files and there is an attachment. i immediately deleted it. i guess everybody really has to take care. next time, i will post about this, mentioning your message.

    flexja friend almost fell into their trap and he had chatted with the sender, too. it was a female who sent a pic sideways. she wanted my friend to send her his credit card number. a hoax, really.


  11. I receive a lot of these e-mail scams everyday! I just don’t know how to protect my inbox from the flood of spam mail I get on a hourly basis.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Bingskee.


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