This happened last week. A teenager from around the neighborhood swallowed his denture together with the crown. It must be a two to four-tooth denture. I don’t think nobody can quaff a full denture. And it must be very painful.

The good news is the doctor was able to get the denture from down inside with forceps. The poor boy immediately asked after the denture was successfully taken out of his esophagus, “Can I eat?” He must have been starved to death because of the accident.

The story why it happened was very amusing. He was with his friends drinking beer and he got occupied playing with his denture and accidentally swallowed it. Pulutan* was probably missing:-).

*Pulutan is finger food.


27 thoughts on “Arrgh!

  1. 2-4 dentures seems like too big to be swallowed unless he's that stupid….and i think he really is! 🙂 thanks for visitin my place. kayo po ba yung nasa pinoyatbp?


  2. I know somebody who used to play with his partial denture so I can imagine how it happened to that teenager. And of course you're not really thinking right if you're already drunk. Forceps? That must have hurt.


  3. Hahaha… I can imagine the lad doing a circus with the dentures in his mouth before swallowing it… I had a friend who did that for fun. He even lost one because he didn't knew he vomited it with the rest of his taken food and beers when he got so drunk. 🙂 Come to think of it now, it was… yucky.


  4. hello bing! off topic din dito. We have friends here Louie and Socchie Fondevilla, hindi kc common yung family name nyo kaya natanong ko lang, maybe you know them. Thanks.


  5. oow, that must've hurt! it's good that i drink beer in moderation, hehe.

    my closest experience to that was when i inserted a calamansi seed up my nose. i was prep/early elem at that time. geez, stupid boys 😛


  6. hi, single, i was told he has a 3-tooth denture. i agree very much that too much drink can cause shameful (and hurting, too) stupidity.

    oh, hi, major! naks naman ang galang mo po, a! kumakain ka ba ng upo palagi? 😛 siguro nilalaro nya ang denture nya e lasing na, nawalan ng control. yes, ako yung nasa Pinoyatbp.

    yea, irene. i think it hurts.

    yucky indeed, rey, but if one is too drunk, wala nang alam na gross. 🙂

    wedding century of the year, KD?

    i am not familiar with the names but they're probably relatives, ann. are they from Romblon?

    ha ha iba namang experience yan, a, corsi.

    it happens, will. marami nang accident sa denture.


  7. Unbelievable… lucky he did not suffocate. I don't have dentures myself but would it have been loose? I see ads on TV about sprays that make dentures stick better on the gums.


  8. So! He's the new discovery of the circus…The Denture Swallower! hehehe

    Lesson: Eat with it and drink without it! (the denture!)

    Btw, Bingskee, You're tagged (again?) see my blog.


  9. dentures, especially full dentures, get loose after some time because the ridges change as one grows. i dont know about those sprays, bw.

    i like the lesson, flexj.

    whaaaat???? taggged???? again??? he he 🙂 will get to it once i get ample time, ok?


  10. It got stuck in the esophagus? Good thing the guy could still breathe. Had it gone straight to the stomach, he'd retrieve the thing from his crap. This leads me to a question: if it happened to you and you got it back from behind, would you still wear it?


  11. For a sec I thought this was straight out of some urban legend. How horrible! Glad the doctor was able to retrieve it and that the kid didn't suffer any serious internal damage.


  12. Poor boy, hehehe

    What a coincidence, I was drunk yesterday night, lolz, good thing though I don't have any corrective dental fixtures in my mouth. 🙂


  13. Its so freaky really. If it had happened to me, I would have been so panicky that I'd be fainting from it. Buti na lang nakahinga siya while the dentureswas in his throat.


  14. maybe because of the position of the denture in the esophagus, nico, di siguro nakaharang. as to the question, magpapagawa na lang ako ng ibang denture he he

    i was afraid for the kid when i first heard it. good thing he was immediately brought to the doctor.

    good for you, jhay. better not having one at all.

    ha ha natuwa naman ako sa yo, major tom. one thing i learned from hubby is not to panic when in a not so good situation.

    hmm, actually, i pity the boy, monmon.


  15. Abaniko – would you I wear it? LOL ! Never mind saving the money but the tought on muching with teeth that was once with your dung certainly invokes horror! Mention this to a girlfriend and i don't care how much she loves you – you'd be in much deeper s**t! LOL !


  16. Bing and BW, but boiling can kill ALL the germs and you can always rigorously brush the thing, right? That's what you call “meaningful recycling.” Haha. But frankly, um, hmm, I may use it again. It feels like being completely one with my body. LOL!


  17. updates about the teenager: it was very hard for him to breathe normally when the denture was in his mouth. he was hospitalized. and his mouth was made to open very wide. thank goodness, he survived the ordeal.


  18. hi, ann! hmm… bicol? cant remember having a relative there, a. ang alam ko me naligaw sa ilocos. thanks ha.

    gory ba, baby pink?

    or maybe the denture needs to be replaced already kasi loose, SEL?


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