Terra Cotta Sun, Indigo Waters

Whew! It is so hot. I had a nap but the scorching heat interrupted its peace. What a feeling (!) to be waking up perspiring.

I wish to be drenched in the pool water, or the beach. But wait, we scratched the beach from the list already. Talk about sunburn that lasted long (like more than 6 months!). Our fault anyway not to bring sunscreen lotion last year because it was a decision done in haste. We will never head anymore to the beach (or the pool) unprotected.

It was a lesson very well learned and the conviction was more encouraged after reading about sun exposure. Here go the facts about the harmful effects of the sun and ways to protect the skin:*

  • 60-80% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays penetrates clouds.
  • There are four sun’s light waves and they are categorized by their intensity:
  1. UVA (ultraviolet A) – have the longest wavelength and they penetrate into the skin’s deepest layer, the dermis. They accelerate skin ageing.
  2. UVB (ultraviolet B) – rays that only penetrate the skin’s upper layer (epidermis). They are responsible for skin cancers, allergies and sunburn.
  3. UVC (ultraviolet C) – rays that are the most damaging but do not reach us because they are filtered by the ozone layer. But with the thinning of the ozone layer, there is rising concern regarding exposure to these rays.
  4. IR (Infra-red) – light that is felt as heat and inflames cells. It disrupts the skin’s support network of collagen and elastin and damages the immune system
  • There are two types of sun-protection filters in sunscreen products:

  1. Physical filters – they sit on the skin’s surface and reflect, rather than absorb, ultraviolet rays. They repel radiation at all wavelengths (including infra-red waves).
  2. Chemical filters – absorb ultraviolet light like a sponge and prevent the sun’s rays from penetrating and attacking the skin. They can be mixed into any base, dissolved in gels, lotions, moisturizing cream bases and waterproof formulations.
  • The SPF (sun-protection factor) of a product refers to the length of time you can remain in the sun safely. Multiply the SPF by the number of minutes you can stay in the sun unprotected without burning. For example, if you can be exposed 10 minutes under the sun without starting to go red, using a sunscreen with SPF 15 can extend your exposure to 150 minutes.
  • Look for a SPF product that best suits your skin type. Use a gel formulation with physical filters for oily, problem skin. Use cream or lotion with its moisturizing properties for dry skin.
  • Stay out of the sun between 11am to 3pm when the sun is at its strongest and deadliest.
  • See your dermatologist when pityriasis versicolor (an organism that changes during sun exposure and produces a chemical which disables the pigment-producing cells) appears on the upper body as small, white patches after sun exposure.

If I have magic, I will bring about the terra cotta sun and indigo waters. That way the weather will be cloudy with the sun around.

* J. Campsie 1997, Inner Health Outer Beauty, pp 143-147.

19 thoughts on “Terra Cotta Sun, Indigo Waters

  1. yep, it is super duper hot! i love the beach, the pool, swimming, blue waters, etc, etc… if only the sun doesn’t have all those harmful effects, i’ll be out there the whole day! 🙂

    happy easter!


  2. i’m a sun lover. i used to skip school (and work) once a week during college just to hit the beach. i would sit under the sun during its hottest – between 12 to 3 – to maximize the tanning powers of the sun. i liked being tan – not just because of the healthy glow, but because my skin really needs the warm heat.

    now, i’m here in seattle with its dreary and gray winter weather. my skin craves the sun, so i go to the tanning salons.

    my daughter doesn’t understand why i like having the tan color, whereas she always has to put a 50 SPF just so she wouldn’t get any darker. i tell her not to be embarrased of her skin color.

    we’re leaving for mexico next tuesday, and i have already packed the 50 SPF for the kids, 4 SPF for me, and the aloe vera gel for sunburns 🙂


  3. happy Easter, too, stranger!

    i know how you love the waters. actually, i wanted to ask you how you protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun.

    hi, gayle! is tanning not lethal to the skin, too? i havent read yet how it is done. does it last long?

    have a nice and safe trip, gayle!


  4. hello bing:

    from what i’ve read, the uva and the uvb from the tanning beds are just the same as what you would get naturally. kaya lang, it’s convenient if there is no beach around or if the weather is gloomy outside. there are different tanning beds, but the ones that i use are the high pressure and medium pressure tanning beds that gets you dark faster, which lasts for 10-15 minutes. it really hasn’t affected my skin because i put on all sorts of lotion and/or virgin coconut oil. the artificial sun is also good for your mental state because too much gloominess causes depression.

    enjoy your easter!


  5. i had just read it from the book, gayle, that aside from artificial tanning beds, one can opt to self-tan, that is, self-tan preparation. the results last for five days and can be prolonged, too.

    that is a real artificial tanning, single but can be lethal to your skin. don’t forget to apply sunscreen before you go to work. 😛

    yes, irene, even if we are heading to the pool only, sunscreen must be applied. there are report that say the ozone layer is thinning already.


  6. A friend told me that white people are more prone to skin cancer and that folks living in the tropics have natural immunity to it. He also said that the highest incidence in Australia had something to do with white folks from Europe settling there! The aborigines or native people of Australia have no problem with the sun whatsoever. Very interesting indeed. Anyways, here’s another link worth reading.



  7. Hi Bing….Sorry talaga,..I mean “BEACH” there and not “BITCH”. What a mistake,,..nakakatawa.

    BTW, I can comment now. I was just in fact testing it and then this mistake. Pardon and please excuse…


  8. and to you, too, neng!

    have read about that, too, bw! will visit the link later.

    ha ha ha good thing ngayon ko lang nabasa kundi magtataka talga ako ha ha ‘ala namang proble dun, mistakes and we’re all guilty of that he he nice to be reading from you, again, major tom!


  9. This is very informative for the people who want to hit the “bitch” (LOL! credits to Major Tom). Enjoying and relaxing minus those harmful effects of sun burns. Makakaiwas na akong masira ang beauty at malaporselana kong kutis. (wag nyo nang i-verify…)

    Happy Easter Mam!


  10. really funny, gayle! 😛

    happy Easter, too, flexj! kailangang ma-check ang malaporselanang kutis.

    ha ha corny nga, nico, pero natawa pa rin ako dun, ha 😛


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